My CHildren Are…

My children are the reason that I smile,
that I laugh, that I cry.
They are my happy place, my frustration.
They are what make my heart beat and sometimes break.
My children are my everything.
Kim Uliana

Do Not

Do not be afraid to fail.
Do not be afraid to fall.
Do not think you
need to be perfect.
You can’t be
good at it all.
Do not be
so hard on yourself.
Everybody makes mistakes.
Do not forget to be kind to yourself.
Relax and
take a break.
Kim Uliana

When You Think That They’re Not Looking

When you think that they’re not looking,
they are taking mental note.
They watch your every action.
They watch as you emote.
They can read the arch in your brow or
recognize a blank stare.
They can tell if you are interested
or just too busy to care.
When you think they cannot hear you,
they take in every word.
Then sometimes they repeat the things
that you wish they never heard.
When you think they don’t understand,
they surprise you with what they know.
Talk to them and teach them and
help their young minds grow.
So treasure every moment and dirty sippy cup
because when you’re not looking,
they’ll suddenly grow up.
Kim Uliana