An Ode to Picture Books

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This poem celebrates my love for picture books.

An Ode to Picture Books by Kim Uliana

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I was woken early this morning by my ‘Mother Goose
And ate a breakfast of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ made by Dr. Seuss.
I grabbed a pair of ‘Corduroy’ pants and got myself all dressed.
My mother said “Oooh ‘Fancy Nancy’. Boy was she impressed.
I said goodbye to ‘Pete the Cat’, who was so hip and cool.
Mom gave me a hug and a ‘Kissing Hand’ and sent me off to school.
I walked slowly down the street to ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’.
I saw ‘Curious George’ and ‘Matilda’, two of my best friends.
As the yellow bus headed our way, ‘Harry Potter’ began to pout.
Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus’ I overheard him shout.
In art class, I made a mistake. It was a ‘Beautiful Oops’.
Later on, I ran to the bathroom because ‘Everyone Poops’.
My teacher asked ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. I said I did not know.
She told me if you study hard ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go
I couldn’t wait to get home to ‘Hop on Pop’ and to see mom too.
She told me to stop jumping on him or she’d ‘Put Me in the Zoo’.
At bedtime, mom sung ‘Love You Forever’ in a gentle tune.
As I closed my eyes and drifted off, I said ‘Goodnight Moon’.

by Kim Uliana

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